TG Enterprise

A global omni-channel solution


The TG Enterprise platform is a cloud-based, client-controlled global supply chain management solution that allows retailers to offer customers access to product inventories – domestic or international – in any location, at any time, on any device. TG Enterprise is an extension and enhancement of existing IT investments, facilitating seamless omni-channel sales, interactions and fulfillment.  A cloud-based infrastructure enables TG Enterprise to be highly customizable, configurable and scalable to support the demanding needs of your global e-commerce, wholesale and retail operations.


The TG Enterprise Endless Aisle enables your retail locations to increase conversions by allowing customers or store associates to instantly access products that may be out of stock or not sold in that specific store location. With Endless Aisle, customers can choose to have products sent to their homes or delivered to the store for pick-up.

TG Enterprise integrates seamlessly with retailers’ existing e-commerce platforms to enable Order Online, Pickup in Store functionality. Store associates are equipped to handle customer pickup reservations ensuring timely processing, progress tracking and readiness for pickup.

TG Enterprise coordinates the process of managing and shipping orders directly from your retail store locations. With TG Enterprise, store associates have intuitive tools and functionality at their fingertips that would normally only be found in a warehouse shipping operation.

Client Benefits

  • Increase sales by enabling access to inventory that would have previously been unavailable
  • Harmonize inventory views across all channels, inventory locations and delivery options to more effectively manage costs and drive revenue
  • Utilize existing technologies and infrastructure without costly investments in proprietary systems to implement a robust omni-channel solution
  • Dramatically reduce your omni-channel implementation timeline against comparable solutions
  • Improve overall costs and customer service with intelligent order fulfillment, resulting in better managed freight costs, inventory levels and transit times
  • Improve overall costs and customer service with intelligent order fulfillment, resulting in better managed freight costs, inventory levels and transit times
  • Deploy an omni-channel solution in multiple regions globally to support optimized system responsiveness and avoid potential latency
  • Increase customer satisfaction with instantaneous update deployment, powered by an advanced service fabric


Business Rules Engine
TG Enterprise’s customized Business Rules Engine enables you to optimize inventory levels, order distributions and fulfillment costs through intelligent decision management.

Enterprise Service Bus
The Enterprise Service Bus coordinates the interactions between your existing ERP, POS and CRM systems. With the TG Enterprise Service Bus, workflows support the synchronization of interactions within your existing IT environment to coordinate omni-channel operations across all systems, channels and devices.

Standard APIs
Standard APIs enable TG Enterprise to remain non-proprietary and flexible, supporting retailers on an assortment of internal systems to reduce the complexity and total cost of ownership for maintaining an omni-channel strategy.

TG Portal
The TG Portal is the business intelligence component for client reporting, transactional data processing, OMS and business rule customization. The Portal enables your store associates to quickly and easily make updates, including recording orders in process, updating item prices to match current in-store prices, adjusting shipping prices and adjusting store inventory levels.

Distributed Order Management
TG Enterprise supports distributed order functionality by acting as a centralized, configurable, logical controller for data across traditionally disconnected IT systems. TG Enterprise enables a rigid, single-order process chain to be flexible to support orders handled across multiple locations and sales channels.

Inventory Management
TG Enterprise supports virtually limitless availability of inventory across your stores, warehouses and fulfillment locations. To support inventory accuracy, TG Enterprise receives regularly scheduled or real-time inventory updates from all locations to paint a complete picture of your inventory levels.

Payment Processing
TG Enterprise can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of payment providers, delivering robust payment functionality, including address verification, fraud detection and more. TG Enterprise supports tax engine integration, tokenization and is certified PCI Level 1 compliant.

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