Website Analytics

TradeGlobal assists clients in loading, tagging, analyzing and benchmarking data to optimize their digital marketing and website experiences. By determining a client’s unique KPIs and key conversion points, our analytics team provides continuous, actionable reporting, analysis and recommendations on traffic flow, traffic sources, conversion rates, promotion effectiveness and year-over-year trends.


Clients are provided weekly reports aggregating data from multiple sources (Google Analytics, Quantcast, Omniture, CoreMetrics, ESPs, SEM tools, affiliates, client budgets and more) with executive-level and detailed views. This data is then interpreted in weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual meetings. With an eye on peaks, valleys and trends in the data, we alert clients of any fluctuations to help drive future digital marketing and website decisions.


With access to industry and client trends, our benchmark reporting allows for comparison across other e-commerce sites and marketing programs. These comparisons enable us to provide insight into things like an optimized marketing mix, seasonality and holiday trends.

Working with our Site Managers and Solution Strategists, our analytics team provides actionable recommendations through causation analysis, benchmark comparisons, A/B testing and attribution modeling to expose growth opportunities for our clients’ digital marketing and website experiences.