Paid Search Marketing

As search engines’ results pages (SERPs) evolve, paid search ads continually take up more real estate. With nearly 85% of space above the fold now monopolized by sponsored ads, lack of investment could result in loss of market share. That’s why our online marketing team makes a point to stay on top of all things SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We’ll take you from research, to implementation, to analysis in order to provide you with a comprehensive and effective paid search solution. Whether it’s getting listed in the top search engines, appearing on your favorite social media platforms or preferred placements on other websites, TradeGlobal can get you listed where your current customer base – and new customers – will see you.

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A successful paid search campaign begins with in-depth research and proper account setup. Understanding how quality score, click-through rates and landing pages help with your AdRank, TradeGlobal can get you the most valuable clicks at the lowest possible price. Our team of paid search specialists will partner with you from the very start with:

  • Account setup (campaign setup / ad group building)
  • Advanced targeting options (time, locations, etc.)
  • Keyword selection (keyword match types, negatives, etc.)
  • Ad copy (text and display ads, landing page suggestions)
  • Performance tracking & reporting
  • Daily optimization (bid management, data mining, ad extensions, etc.)
  • Identifying industry changes


We’ve all seen it. A potential customer visits your website, adds a product to their cart, but chooses not to complete their purchase. Through our retargeting and remarketing campaigns, we’ll add them to a targeted list of potential buyers. When one of these cart-abandoners shows up on one of our partner sites, we’ll display a targeted ad to encourage them to complete their order. By partnering with a variety of software products (ie: AdWords, Critero, AdRoll, etc.), our remarketing lists can target a wide range user behavior, including:

  • Abandoned cart
  • Specific product views
  • Specific category views
  • All site traffic
  • Items ordered in the past specified number of days
  • Visitors who took an action on your site (ex: joined mailing list)


Nearly 50% of all paid search clicks from product searches come from either PLAs (product listing ads) or CSEs (comparison shopping engines). By creating product feeds from your website and customizing them with the correct fields, we are able to upload these products to top search engines and CSEs (Amazon,, Shopzilla, Pronto, etc.). This is also a good way to begin leveraging affiliate programs, allowing these online marketers to sell your products for you for a small commission fee. We can partner with you to:

  • Choose and integrate with a variety of product feed aggregators
  • Assist in affiliate and CSE selection to target the proper audience and generate a high return
  • Manage daily bids, network, channel and publisher relationships


TradeGlobal fully understands the importance of data in driving good decisions. We implement this in all that we do, and paid search for eCommerce is no exception. In paid search, success is mainly defined by one metric: ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). With effective research and implementation, followed by thorough analysis, we realize an average ROAS of over 500% with many of our paid search clients.

With the tracking ability and control that we have over our ads, each ad will be tagged and tracked in our analytics software. This allows us to pinpoint exactly where your money is being spent and how profitable every aspect of your campaign is, down to the exact keyword.