Webinar: Using Journey-Based Interaction Analytics to Improve the Customer Experience

TradeGlobal has partnered with CallMiner Eureka for a webinar on improving agent performance and customer experience through journey-based Interaction Analytics.

  • Date: Thursday, February 16
  • Time: 2:00 PM EST

Achieving optimal contact outcomes and an ideal experience for your customers takes alignment of your goals, technologies and processes into a well-choreographed and smoothly run operation. Yet how do you identify what is working right and what needs improvement that can positively impact the customer experience throughout the journey?

Join Mike Hull, TradeGlobal’s Director of Business Analytics, as he presents our Customer Care team’s use of Customer Journey-Based Interaction Analytics to: uncover and solve repeat call drivers; improve agent performance tracking and training; and trend and report on systematic product and process issues that impact customer experience and satisfaction.

Attendees will learn how journey-based Interaction Analytics:

  • Maps customer experience and outcomes
  • Uncovers systematic, product and process issues in near real time
  • Automates agent scoring and performance feedback to improve agent performance

To register for this webinar, CLICK HERE.

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