User Experience: Your Secret Weapon for Retaining Customers

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When it comes to capturing repeat customers, the experience of using your eCommerce site becomes an important form of advertising. Think about it: Seeing is believing, and convincing shoppers to come back will be significantly easier if they’ve enjoyed their time using your website. This adds yet another reason to fine tune every element of your eCommerce platform, as a smooth user experience will not only ensure visitors can complete their purchases, but it will also earn you an essential resource for retailers today: loyalty.

Make a Customer Experience Checklist

When you’re improving your eCommerce website or the order process in general, it’s important to form a checklist of components that will have a noticeable impact on usability and the overall customer experience. There is a distinct list of elements customers want to see in eCommerce websites, and failure to take their preferences into account could lead to cart abandonment or one-and-done customers instead of loyal brand followers. The following are three areas worth focusing on:

  • Readily Available Information: What happens when customers can’t get all the details they want about an item from your product page? They navigate away, and possibly never return. CustomerThink urged eCommerce retailers to give every relevant piece of information possible on any given product. If your site is short on written descriptions or lacking images, adding them is a great way to get first-time conversions. From there, collecting data on what users do on the site and prompting them with potential next moves can solidify loyalty.
  • Top Quality Customer Service: It’s impossible to anticipate every single problem a customer may have while navigating your site or receiving an order. That’s why it’s vital to have a solid framework in place for reassuring these shoppers and answering all queries. Good and bad experiences with customer service can have lingering effects that last long beyond the transactions where they occur. A Dimensional Research survey indicated 24% of shoppers pleased with a service experience will be motivated to return for two years or more – and 39% of unhappy customers will avoid your company for two years or more.
  • Fulfillment that Meets Expectations: Every single online interaction with customers may pale in importance next to one critical question: whether the goods arrive safely and accurately at their destination. Supply & Demand Chain Executive recently explained that brands should try to make every delivery seem effortless. If customers don’t stop to wonder what’s happening with their deliveries and they simply receive them when they are expecting to, loyalty will duly increase. Companies should strive to adopt modern practices; specifically, retailers with both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce components should fuse them into omnichannel environments.
Become a Natural Choice

Strong loyalty goes to companies that consistently meet and exceed expectations. People are welcoming eCommerce into their lives, buying products online that they would have purchased in person even a few years ago. If you can make this process seamless and convenient, from a shopper’s first click to the arrival of the order and beyond, you’re on the right path. If you can’t, it’s time for an eCommerce platform upgrade.

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