Take the Challenges Out of Cross-Border Commerce


When you take your eCommerce operations global, challenges may present themselves. Even simple elements of domestic sales may be drastically different overseas. This is one of the most salient reasons to implement a solution that can manage the complexities of global commerce for you – and pave a smooth path to success.

Enter our cross-border solution, TG Commerce. Here, we’ve outlined a few of the challenges that brands and retailers face when expanding their eCommerce operations into global markets – and how our solution can help.

1. The Challenge: A need for default localized sites

Assuming that customers will happily navigate a non-localized web page may lead to a high cart abandonment rate. Customers won’t want to be left to their own devices to determine how much they’ll have to pay in their home currencies. Furthermore, requiring shoppers to manually select their location before they can see relevant delivery and payment choices may cause at least some of these consumers to give up or head for a more straightforward domestic site.

The Solution: Having localized versions of a webpage for all relevant territories is step one of solving this issue. Step two is ensuring the appropriate options display automatically when customers visit the site. When the auto-updated price listing for a shopper’s cart is displayed in the correct currency by default and the list of delivery options is relevant, he or she will have less reason to experience confusion or doubt. TG Commerce uses visitors’ IP addresses to automatically detect and display the location-specific version of your site for each customer by default.

2. The Challenge: Compliance with international laws

Each territory is unique in how it handles eCommerce and the sale of products in general. Dealing with these differences can quickly derail your company’s efforts to go global if it isn’t prepared. This is an especially serious area to handle, as the potential penalties for legal noncompliance far outweigh the problems that can stem from a lack of convenience.

The solution: Whether it’s keeping track of import and export rules or ensuring there is adequate documentation of all transactions, TG Commerce has been designed with cross-border commerce in mind. With our solution, you also have the support of our certified in-house brokerage team, ensuring that any unexpected complexities have a quick and simple resolution.

3. The Challenge: Stay on-brand and in-house

While you’re expanding into new territories, there’s always a chance that your brand could become fragmented between these different regions. If you set up completely separate sites for the new countries or hand off operations entirely to a third party, you may get a customized experience – but at the cost of seamless operations. Avoiding too much internal division is a worthwhile goal.

The Solution: Using TG Commerce doesn’t mean handing over the keys to your eCommerce operation. The solution is integrated with legacy systems via API, and you remain in complete control of the branding and messaging. Furthermore, you keep control over one of your most important commodities: customer data. Reaching customers today means understanding them, and this information is critical. With TG Commerce, you gain the benefits of third-party assistance without taking your hands off the wheel.

These challenges are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to becoming an international eCommerce powerhouse. As long as you’re equipped with resources that can handle the pressure, however, there are plenty of opportunities and advantages to venturing overseas. With a strong cross-border platform in place, you can capitalize on this potential.

Ready to get started? We can help.

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