Swiss Army Site: Make Sure Your eCommerce Site Has These Capabilities

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Having the right capabilities built into your eCommerce site will help you capture the attention, dollars and loyalty of potential customers. While your company is unique, and you don’t want to launch a site exactly like any competitor’s, there are a few features that have become important standards. With customer behaviors and preferences rapidly evolving, these are the capabilities that enable you to cater to today’s shoppers.

Creating an excellent retail experience is a high-stakes game. If you succeed, you make it easy for customers to shop with you time and time again – and to recommend your company to their friends and family. Fail to captivate your audience, and they may end up going to a competitor. The present age of tech-aided sales has made it abundantly easy for people to shop around.

The following are some features you should consider for your eCommerce site. If you don’t have these capabilities already, it’s a good idea to implement them as quickly as possible.

Mobile Access and Responsive Design

If your site doesn’t respond well when accessed on a mobile device, you’re hurting your chances of getting conversions. According to Business Intelligence, quoting UPS’ annual study on online shopper behavior, 48% of respondents made a mobile purchase within the past year. There is an upward trend in the numbers; the rate was 44% in 2016 and 41% in 2015.

When smartphone browsing first came to prominence, interfaces weren’t great. Looking at a retailer’s site could perhaps be a way to pick out items to buy from a PC later, or even a tablet. Now, nearly half of shoppers are confident enough in their mobile phones’ internet capabilities to hit the “buy” button. Unless your site includes responsive features to suit mobile access, shoppers may visit on their devices and ultimately move on to a rival.

Anti-Fraud Features

Where there’s money, fraud and theft will follow. As eCommerce continues to gain popularity, it’s natural that criminals will lurk around its fringes. You need to ensure that your site is strong enough to shake off fraudsters before they deal your organization serious financial harm. According to Multichannel Merchant, in the first half of 2016, U.S. fraud cases rose 39%. The danger of exploitation grows even greater when you sell across borders.

The article pointed to an example of fraud’s potential outcome: An online jewelry seller suffered a large volume of fraudulent transactions, which in turn caused damage to the trust between the company and its banking partners. Having access to good financial services could prove absolutely critical for keeping your company alive and thriving for the foreseeable future. It’s important to safeguard every element of your eCommerce portals against fraud.

Omnichannel Connections

If your brand operates both physical stores and an eCommerce portal, you can no longer afford to let the two channels drift apart from one another. People who see a familiar brand name expect it to be one connected company, with all the convenience that comes along with such an arrangement. Companies should create environments that don’t show their seams, meaning that everything from inventory to prices should be consistent between online and in-person browsing.

The customer experience is the key reason to create this interconnected retail style. The modern, connected customer’s idea of convenience has evolved to suit the times – and as it happens, changing between channels and still being able to find a product at a consistent price is a major priority today. Furthermore, when your company can share information effectively, that allows you to personalize your offerings for individual customers. Providing this level of service can set your business apart.

Choose the Right Platform

Do you have a site that can do it all? Is it easily usable from smartphones? Does it have built-in features to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions? Is it part of a seamless omnichannel experience? If not, you should probably get to work remedying these shortcomings before the fevered heights of peak season.

Working with the right web development partner can deliver the kind of eCommerce platform modern audiences will appreciate. Customers today have become accustomed to seamless retail experiences. Unless that describes your site, you may be passed over. To learn more, connect with us.

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