The Post-Holiday Checklist (For You and Your Company)

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over, and now it’s time to take a deep breath, regroup and reset. Performing a clean sweep – at home and at work – will help you start the new year feeling refreshed. And here’s a bonus: You can take virtually the same steps to get you and your company back on track.

Assume Seasonally Appropriate Decor

At home: Once the holiday season passes, it’s time for the decorations to come down, lights and all. Yes, it’s fairly common to see houses still decked out in the middle of March, but just think what you would be paying in extra electric bills. While it’s sad that the holidays are over, it’s time to say farewell – and look forward to warmer days ahead.

At work: After the holiday rush (and the rush of returns that follows) subsides, it pays to assume a lighter mode of operation for February and March. If you work with a third-party eCommerce partner instead of handling everything in-house, your company can become more flexible, easily scaling down from holiday heights without needing to unload assets or downsize staff. This means you have the capacity to face any season, festive or quiet, and you aren’t stuck with the equivalent of a zillion-watt yard-display electric bill all year.

Make Sure Everyone Liked Their Gifts

At home: After the holidays, it’s a nice idea to discretely make sure the people you bought gifts for actually use and enjoy them. If you’ve scored a big hit, you have a great indication about what kinds of things to buy next year. If not, you can change course. It’s much better to know now so that you don’t force your relatives to grit their teeth through unwanted gifts for years to come.

At work: Peak season is the highlight of the retail year, and studying this year’s trends is a great way to please your customers next year. If you perform effective data analytics on your shoppers, you can gain a more complete picture than you’d receive from surveys alone. The parts of the web experience that did and didn’t appeal to customers can be singled out and quantified for refocusing and improvement. Peak season marketing campaigns can also be compared, contrasted and strategically enhanced.

Send Out Thank You Notes

At home: It may feel as if the fast-paced digital world has made thank you notes an afterthought, or rendered them irrelevant; however, email makes it easier to quickly type out and send personalized messages to the people who took the time to give you gifts. This is a good way to show you acknowledge and care about the thought they’ve demonstrated. Furthermore, being gracious about the presents given this year may ensure you stay on the nice list for next year.

At work: After the holidays, your company may be overloaded with customer contact information because they signed up for your company’s newsletter at an eCommerce checkout. The question becomes: What are you going to do with this informaton? Your next big email marketing campaign following peak season can be a great chance to draw people back in and solidify loyalty. If you send out smart, targeted and relevant emails, you can strengthen the bonds with your holiday customers during the frosty days of February and March.

Enjoy the Season After the Season

Both at home and in your eCommerce business, February and March are only as bleak and quiet as you make them. Finding fun, useful and productive ways to spend these months can have you well on the way to a great new year. Before you know it, the holidays will be rolling around again – but you’ll be ready, and that will make them better than ever.

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