Leveraging Customer Voice Data as Valuable Intelligence


What kind of data do you use to get to know your customers? The answer to this question has probably changed a few times over the past few years as new technologies have emerged. Unified customer profiles incorporating data from a variety of digital channels have changed the game on analytics and service, allowing you to become more responsive to customers’ needs. This is especially valuable in light of ever-increasing expectations of personalized care across mediums.

But what about data generated from sources other than your website or sales portal? What happens when your customers reach out through the phone? Are insights from those calls lost, or can they become part of the ecosystem too? Businesses that implement voice analytics technology into their customer service strategy gain access to this data, turning organic contact with customers into a valuable source of intelligence. The potential to improve customer care is clear – and promising.

The Importance of Calls

While you may be considering a pivot away from customer care via phone – after all, isn’t this the digital age? – there is still plenty of customer desire for brands to listen to their voices. It’s the very novelty of phone calls that makes them such a valuable customer service channel. In an age of email and social media, calls feel like a special experience that customers share with companies – and they’re more likely to ask meaningful questions while on the line.

Complaints are one of the elements that makes phone contact unique. People are 11 times more likely to register problems via phone than online. That may seem like an argument against keeping a phone line, as nobody likes being barraged with complaints, but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of an unhappy customer venting. Complaints can be resolved through good customer service, and relationships with customers saved.

Furthermore, there is valuable data to be gained from calls, both about what your customers like and want and how good your business is at dealing with their wishes. Voice analytics software is a way to bring the paper trail inherent to email into the world of phone-based customer service.

Using Valuable Tech

TG Daily’s list of important customer satisfaction tools included speech analytics software for customer service, specifically naming our partner, CallMiner Eureka. This is a tool designed to turn phone conversations into streams of data for analytics, complete with metadata to keep it organized. The tech behind the product even allows agents on the calls to learn valuable information in real time, while the interaction is still ongoing. This means the data can shape customer service at the macro level – through trend analysis – and the micro level, as each individual call unfolds.

CallMiner Eureka was named a useful source of intelligence because it both points to positive outcomes and provides a way to unify the data generated by the wide variety of customer interactions that take place today. Since acceptable service and care often entails being available when and where customers need information, adding phone calls to the overall picture is preferable to letting them stand alone – or disallowing them altogether.

Working with Partners

Companies that don’t have the resources to build call center operations within their own walls – or know they could get better performance by drafting a partner organization – can work with TradeGlobal to create a customer service system that will suit the audience and industry. Our agents leverage CallMiner’s voice analytics solution, meaning they come equipped with the insights that can turn negative customer interactions into productive and valuable conversations, shifting perceptions and cementing relationships.

Our team is always on the clock, meaning you can offer 24/7 service to your customers, safe in the knowledge that you now have experience on your side – and the latest technology to ensure you’re doing an optimal job of serving your customers.

Partnering up for customer service doesn’t mean cutting corners; in fact, it’s just the opposite. Our dedicated team can deliver an experience that may require too heavy an investment to recreate in-house, enabling your business’ performance to level up accordingly.

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