Keep Up with eCommerce Progress This Peak Season

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Is your eCommerce site ready to wow visitors this peak season? This is an important question, and a little more complicated than it sounds at first. To begin with, getting “wow” results means more than just being functional. Really impressive web design is essential when people have access to such a wide range of eCommerce choices. And impressing shoppers this year means being better than the pages that made a good impression on them in years past. Competitors’ sites are improving – and so should yours.

Don’t panic if your eCommerce portal isn’t up to the task just yet. It’s time to snap into action and revamp your offerings before the hordes of eCommerce shoppers roll in on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the weeks that follow. The following suggestions are a few valuable areas to shore up, ones that will improve the overall experience of buying from your brand.

1. Clean, Usable Design

Running a great eCommerce site isn’t about having the most stuff – more pages, more links to click, etc. The fad for includingthousands of individual moving parts in a website is passing. People have fallen back in love with clean and clear designs that tell them exactly what they need to know and guide them through the process.

Your objective for your eCommerce site is simple: You want visitors to quickly go from looking around to shopping for the products they want, which is the whole reason they’re there. A site with everything from well-chosen images to perfectly placed text steers them in the right direction. A page choked with pop-ups or distracting text fails this test.

2. Optimized Price Display

For any eCommerce site, displaying prices is an essential element of making the sale. Practical Ecommerce recently shared a long list of hints for making sure thisseemingly simple part of your web experience is up to customers’ expectations. For example, your image pages should probably include room for shipping estimates. If people get blindsided by shipping prices after clicking through several pages, they may simply abandon the site and go elsewhere.

Another important feature is currency conversion on demand. This plays into a bigger design priority – localization. When your site is accessible from around the world, you owe it to your shoppers to make it as easy as possible to shop in local currencies and find delivery and payment options that make sense in different regions. In fact, letting visitors select a currency is merely one way to make your site more accessible to international audiences; you can also use guests’ IP addresses to display relevant regional details by default.

3. Good Search Engine Optimization

People can’t be impressed by your website if they never end up there in the first place. Inbound marketing is the name of the game in eCommerce and beyond, and SEO is a key pillar of this method. You have to make sure everything from the design of your page to the content you generate and publish there is crafted with search algorithms in mind.

According to Search Engine Journal, even a few common design flaws in your site can knock your search rankings down. For instance, if you opt for images and videos that are huge, poorly-optimized files, your site will load slowly. Google search rankings dislike sites that take a long time to load. Furthermore, some sites use too many images that have text in them, instead of deploying the text as an overlay. Search engines can track the latter kind of text, but not the former.

Time for Revisions

A redesign to bring your site in line with modern design trends may be just what you need to get ready for peak season. The examples above are all subtle in their own ways, but the results they can drive are real. This should be the crux of your web development process – going for the changes that will be most impactful.

When rethinking your web design, it can pay to work with an experienced third party. This is one area where TradeGlobal can make a material difference, with services ranging from design to development and content management for your brand’s valuable eCommerce site.

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